A MitoSynergy Case Study: Max’s Story

Posted on Oct 6, 2013

A MitoSynergy Case Study: Max’s Story

From the desk of Dr. Gerald E Gomm DC, Appleton, WI:

The young man in the X-rays is a twenty four year old patient of mine.  His first name is Max.
He came to my clinic in March of 2012.  This was his first initial x-ray. This X-ray shows he was suffering with Hyperlordosis of the lumbar spine.  When Max walked in on the first visit he needed to support himself with a cane because of severe lower back and neck pain, fallen arches, muscle weakness, paresthesia as well as many other maladies listed on his symptom chart.

At that time Max had just started taking Mitosynergy.  He had no previous  diagnoses that we could work off of because of lack of insurance and no previous doctor visits for many years.  Max was tested for Lyme Disease on his first visit which resulted in a positive test.

max after xrayThe second X-ray is of Max’s lower back nine months later.  With continued chiropractic treatment and Mitosynergy Max showed remarkable improvement within months in his skeletal structure and muscle strength.  Lymphatic massage therapy and Moor Mud baths for detoxing were incorporated and added to Max’s health regimen.

Max’s overall heath status has been improving from day one on Mitosynergy and he has been able to maintain his chiropractic corrections to his spine without surgery or drugs.

I recommend it highly.

max after photo