“High Performance Precision Pulsed Plasma for Professionals”

The new P3pro professional research system represents extensive improvements over the previous P3pro models.  The new styling, compact and portable enclosure now allows for ultra-high impedance accessories, features not previously considered possible within such a high voltage system.

Product Features:

  • Fundamental Frequency:  to over 100,000 Hz.
  • Light weight and compact dimensions – weighs just 6 lbs.
  • Auto switching power supply (110/220 VAC).
  • Status/Failsafe system with LED indicator.
  • Plasma tube with proprietary gas mixture.
  • Includes ICS, and contact accessories and all necessary cables.
  • Imprintable colloidal silver unit included.

The P3pro includes the latest PFG2Z technology including output capabilities for the various electrode pads and ICS accessories. The P3pro includes the accessory options and cables for use with this device.

Product Description

Availability:  Orders usually ships within 1 to 2 weeks. Ask for availability.

Price:  Call for a quotation.

Warranty:  Three year (36 months) limited warranty, including parts and labor.

Technical Support:  By email, phone and remote support via internet
*The Professional Software option is typically designed for specialized/branded professional use.  Please contact us for more detailed information.  While P3pro sales are still limited to professional and qualified research users, the consumer P3/P3+ model  remains available to the general public.  The Professional Software configuration is NOT available except via professional, research and educational sales.

Important Note: Most of the older P3pro systems cannot easily be modified to incorporate the PFG2Z features and technology but CAN be upgraded to the newer configuration. Because so many of the P3pro research systems contained custom configurations, each system upgrades can be addressed on a case by case basis.