P3 and P3+


“Portable, full-featured high performance pulsed plasma, available to the public.”


Product Features:

  • New design & improved performance
  • Fundamental over 100,000 Hz (no RF or modulation)
  • Precision control through PFG Lab software
  • P3+ includes PFG2 function generator (no output for contact applications)
  • Light & Compact: 22 inches long and less than 7 lbs

In 2009, Pulsed Technologies introduced a new compact version of their P3 series plasma devices. The overwhelming demand for the P3pro, available to professionals and technical researchers only, identified the need for a relatively small, portable, full featured high performance unit for the general public.

Like the old P3 series devices, the new P3 compact device is available in numerous configurations including an internal PFG2 frequency and waveform generation subsystem.

All P3 version devices will incorporate the new proprietary high performance European plasma tubes developed specifically for all future P3 series devices.  The P3 system works with the PFG1 or PFG2 external function generators.


Product Description:

  • Size and weight: 22” long (56 cm), 4,5” (11,5 cm) diameter, 7 lbs
  • Computer requirements:  PC computer with Windows installed and USB port
  • Recommended: at least 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM with Windows XP or Vista.  100 MB free disk space
    Safety and Special Provisions: Use adequate grounding
  • Dedicated AC power NOT required
  • Minimum recommended safe operating distance: 1 feet (0.3 meters)
  • Effective range: Over 50 feet (15 meters)
  • Operate in a clean, dry and cool environment
  • Do not operate in direct sun light or near sources of heat

Attention: P3 requires external connection to PFG1 or PFG2A/PFG2X/PFG2Z).  P3+ has the new PFG2 integrated into it.


  • P3 unit with plasma tube
  • Device interface cable (BNC for P3 or USB for P3+)
  • CD with PFG Lab software and included library, manuals, documentation and other resources
  • Cables for power supply and USB cable.

Technical Specifications:

Fundamental Frequency range: 0.1 Hz to 100,000 Hz
No RF carrier / modulation
Power: Auto switching power supply (110/220 VAC)

Case: PVC case with pearl finish (signature black metallic finish on request)

Tube: 16 inches plasma tube with proprietary gas mixture (Neon, Argon, Krypton and Xenon)