Our Philosophy

At Solamar, we understand and treat the “body electric”.   We find that chronically ill patients have electrical imbalances.  Often, their mid-brain has forgotten how to communicate energetically with the rest of their body, to tell it to calm inflammation.    The Solamar Institute is a center of excellence in rehabilitation and energy medicine for individuals with the health disorders of the new toxic world.

Solamar started with a scientifically-based method of treatment called Functional Medicine.  While much of Functional Medicine is still foundational to our treatments, one day we asked the question, “Can you fix an electromagnetic issue with bio chemistry?”

The answer is no.

There is so much more than chemistry to the body electric. There is energy and physics.  A thoughtful application of chemistry and physics principles, along with an understanding of genetic expression will be the basis of reinventing medicine in the new toxic world.   Some have called this process, Bio Energetic or Physiological Regulating Medicine.

The Problem

An old doctor once said, “Disease starts on the plate”.  Disease is just not that simple anymore.  Our food is part of the problem bringing GMO’s and other toxins, and in combination with environmental insults, chronic infection, and medical side effects, we have woven a perfect storm of toxicity.

30 is the new 45We are living in a new toxic world, in which hundreds of chemicals are part of our daily exposures.  Our bodies develop inflammation in response to some combination of the constant assault of pesticides, plastics, metals, on top of weakened epigenetics, depleted food and drug-resistant infections, and soon a domino effect of imbalances takes over our body, and our health starts declining.

The new toxic age has altered the energetic terrain of the human body, creating a growing number of chronically ill individuals with a complex mixture of inflammation and varied toxic insults.  For these people, there are no clear-cut diagnoses, and very few allopathic solutions.  Since 1992, the rates of Autism, Lymes, Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis, and premature aging have more than doubled, reaching epidemic proportions in just twenty years.


So, what have we missed?


The Solution

We believe that many individuals with the above diseases, and probably many others which are not yet clear, are suffering from the same disorder, what we call Neuro-Immune Dysfunction (NID).   NID is caused by complex viral, bacterial, epigenetic, nutritional and toxicological insults, affecting cognitive, immune, and metabolic functions in children and adults.

threecirclediagram3While the effects of chronic infection have largely been ignored by traditional medicine, new findings in molecular biology and biophysics demonstrate a close communication of the neuro-immune systems through cell signaling and subtle layers of communication beyond the biomedical realm.

This type of imbalance is quite different than the conventional way of thinking about disease.  Here’s another way to think about it that may make it easier to understand: The various parts of your brain and immune system constantly ‘email, text, and tweet’ each other, sending chemical messages with the objective of keeping you healthy.  The first cause of any disease is a failure in communication between these systems.  When cellular communication is altered by infection and chronic toxicity, messenger molecules are dispatched through the body, creating an inflammatory response for protection.

Now, just to make it more complicated, imagine that there is a second type of communication, which also needs to work well, for you to be healthy.  Every cell in our body gives off faint lightwaves.  According to groundbreaking research in the past ten years, by Tiina Karu and others, our mitochondria are also ‘emailing, texting and tweeting’ messages made of lightwaves.  These messages must be received by other cells, in order for the body to function correctly.  Conventional medical testing cannot detect these subtle light communication imbalances, but with the help of laser technology, we can detect and rebalance your cells’ energy waves, and put communication back in place.  We think that breakdowns in this second network may be behind many chronic disease conditions of the new toxic age.

Chronic inflammation is the root of all disease.

Neurological inflammation, specifically in the mid brain, is the threshold event for chronic illness.  Persistent brain inflammation causes altered energy flow, microglial activation, hyper-vascularity, oxidation modification, disautonomia, shrinking gray matter, and imbalanced immunity.   As you can see, the new toxic world is complex and the single-pill solution has proven inadequate.


The Vision

The Solamar Institute is a center of excellence in rehabilitation and energy medicine for individuals with the health disorders of the new toxic world.   We run a comprehensive rehabilitation program for Autism, Lyme’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and the diseases of premature aging.  For over ten years we have developed individualized, patient-centered rehabilitation programs that are focused on the gene-environment relationship.

solamar pyramid2Our proprietary protocol blends many cutting-edge technologies

  • MitoSynergy
  • Gentle Biofilm Therapy
  • Sequential Lymphatic Drainage
  • BioRhythm therapy
  • Liposomal Micromineral Rehydration
  • 10-Day Gut Rejuvenation
  • AminoFlush (liver and gall bladder relief)
  • Energized Silver
  • 6-Step HPA Power-up
  • Neuro-Immune Reset
  • NeuroNebulizer
  • BioResonant Detox
  • Swiss Cell therapy
  • Cytokine therapy

This leading-edge set of complementary tools:

  • Reduces brain inflammation
  • Increases microcirculation
  • Increases RNA expression
  • Accelerates tissue healing
  • Accelerates regeneration of tissue.

The Solamar Solution is recognized as one of the most innovative and effective treatments for people suffering from Neuro-Endocrine-Immune Dysfunction.