consultingAt Solamar, we are committed to helping practitioners and clinics to implement our therapies.  We are pleased to be able to offer advanced practitioner consulting services.

All consulting is custom-designed to fit your needs.   Here are some examples of consulting services we have available:


We find that one of the most effective ways to transfer our knowledge is to work directly, one-on-one with other practitioners.  There is no substitute for experience, and we have years of experience working with thousands of complex patients, using the ZYTO and other bio energetic tools and modalities.  Co-consults with Master Zyto Practitioner Michael Payne are available as part of our Zyto training and programming packages.

Zyto Elite Advanced Training

The Zyto Elite is a remarkable piece of medical technology, with capabilities far above what most practitioners know or utilize.  In building our 3000 patient Zyto practice, we have pioneered many advanced Zyto techniques:

  • Zyto is a central piece of how we determine how best to start with complex patients.  We specialize in complex conditions such as Autism, Parkinson’s and Cancer.
  • Zyto helps us to determine which of our many modalities may be most effective, and not cause new issues, in these challenging patients.
  • With Zyto Elite, we can ask a pediatric or nonverbal patient hundreds of questions, and get quick, accurate answers!
  • We can program into the Zyto all the therapies or medications the patient is already using, and use this to determine what to add for additional benefit.
  • We program all the treatments, supplements, therapies and products used in our practice into the Zyto.

zytocradle smIntegrating Zyto Elite into your Practice

Zyto can be used to ask an incredible range of “questions” to the body, way beyond conventional diagnostic testing, and without the time and money constraints of sending samples to a lab.  We love helping practitioners design the perfect set of tools to integrate Zyto quickly and effortlessly into the way they already practice.  Practice integration consulting generally includes a group session with Michael Payne, Solamar Founder, and Terri Mykland, Senior Training Specialist, and may include many varied types of services:

  • Advanced Zyto training
  • Remote clinic
  • Custom biosurvey development
  • Scanning your formulary of supplements to create your own custom Zyto library
  • Discussion of your particular client base and their needs
  • Discussion of how Zyto can best fit your style as a practitioner
  • Programming all the therapies, supplements, medications, foods or lifestyle changes you use in your practice into the Zyto, to make it your custom testing device, suited exactly to your style as a practitioner.
  • Imprinting therapeutic frequencies in silver or other materials and devices.
  • Development of Zyto frequency “questions” beyond what has been done before (our specialty!)

tunisiaZyto Remote Clinic

We have performed over 10,000 Zyto consults, on 8 continents, using our remote clinic.  We are experts at bringing cutting edge 21st century medicine right into your patient’s livingroom… or to an internet cafe in a third world country.  With Zyto, you can extend your medical practice to serve the whole world.

Custom Zyto Programming

Programming the Zyto Elite is a technological challenge which very few practitioners have the time and skill to take on.  We can help!  If you have a concept for a complex biosurvey and report, or a new way of using the Zyto, we can make it a reality.

We can also do pre-programming consults, helping you learn what is possible, how biosurveys and reports on the Zyto work, and make your dream a reality.

Integrative use of Bio Resonant Technologies

We are pioneers in bio resonant technologies, using a broad range of technical tools and treatments.   We can help you decide which of these tools to implement in your practice, how to use them and how to combine them into synergistic bio energy treatment options for your patients.  The range of therapies we have experience is very broad and includes:

  • Pulsed light – From the small, portable intranasal laser to our larger office units.  We have used pulsed light as a powerful tool in our fight against complex disorders.
  • Bio resonant Homeopathy – We have extensive training and expertise in the sophisticated Physica and Soluna lines of products.  This is not your father’s homeopathy!  Let us show you this nuanced, effective approach.
  • Advanced Detoxification Protocols for sensitive patients.
  • Oil Pulling and other Solamar Lifestyle treatments which can help your patients detoxify their lives
  • Imprinting bioresonant frequencies on ultracolloidal silver.
  • Imprinting Affirmations and beyond.  There is literally no limit to what can be imprinted.
  • Charged treatment mats, mattresses and other devices.
  • Infrared Sauna.

The Solamar Lifestyle

It’s more than a medical treatment style.  What we’ve learned can expand health in every part of your and your patients’ lives.   We’ve learned a wealth of information about how to live in the body electric, improving the technology and communication, because we understand what it needs to function.  Every molecule that surrounds your body affects your charge.  Learn how to charge your body for the good, and surf the electronic waves that surround us!

Your Solamar Consulting Team

Michael Payne collaborate closely on all Solamar consulting.  Learn more about us.