“The next generation of precision pulsed plasma applications in a truly convenient and portable package.”


Product Features

  • Light & Small: PFG2Z fits in your palm and weighs about 6 ounces.
  • Connects to computer via USB (available on all modern type of desktop or notebook computers)
  • Spectrum: Up to 10 MHz (10,000,000 Hz)
  • Mac OS X support*
  • 100% Compatible with P3 or P3pro plasma tube systems
  • High impedance output for contact applications via electrodes
  • Arbitrary waveform generation and creation
  • Three-year warranty

The PFG2Z is a convenient, highly configurable pulsed plasma device you can use with your computer.  Later, as your needs grow, it can also be used as a precision controller for a more complex plasma device.  Operation and software are relatively the same for this device and our higher-end devices.   PFG2Z is an ideal investment for both now AND the future!

Product Description:

The PFG2Z is a radical evolution over prior signal generation systems and designs with enhanced capabilities and functionality gained largely as a result of private research and advancement in the technology itself. Special user needs, requirements, requests, feedback, desires and investment in a long term modular design now exhibit themselves in the form of the PFG2Z.

Small Size

The PFG2Z is very small and convenient to use.  This is largely due to VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) and surface mount technology. The case itself is a very ergonomic and easy to hold, having light grey, non-slip, rubberized trim for a very clean and classic look.

The revolutionary new heat-reducing design of this unit allows for long or continuous run-times. As with the PFG (v1), no mounted control or switches are present or needed; this is performed by intuitive onscreen GUI (Graphical User Interface) controls.

USB Connectivity

The PFG2z connects to your computer via USB, available on all personal computers and laptops.  This adds considerably to the ease of installation and connection.

Universal Power

A multi-voltage (auto switching) power adapter is shipped with the unit, allowing worldwide operation of the unit.  This power unit is only required when using the unit in contact mode. At all other times, sufficient power is obtained directly via the powered USB port.

Arbitrary Waveforms

Like its predecessor, the PFG2Z is a true arbitrary waveform generator, allowing for more accurate manipulation, control, and even unique “design” of the waveform itself. Our research has repeatedly indicated this important aspect has a significant impact on effectiveness. Individual waveform characteristics are programmable on an individual frequency basis.

Two Output Signals

The PFG2Z has two distinctly separate signal outputs. The BNC output is suitable for low impedance and calibrated signal levels typical for connection to electronic equipment such as the P3 Plasma Unit. A second smaller output connector is provided for exceptionally high impedance loads such as what one would encounter in contact applications. This latter output is exceptionally higher than the level available in the original PFG (v1). This output level is of course, also programmable on an individual frequency basis. This higher level capability is the result of requirements and desires made by professional practitioners and researchers.

All New Software

PFG2Z uses PFG Lab, latest suite of sequencing control software ideally suited for controlling, maintaining, editing, and archiving large numbers of script libraries for resonant frequency and pulsed plasma research.  This next generation system was originally designed for the PC market, but has already been validated to work on Apple / Macintosh and Linux operating systems using third party software, such as Parallels Desktop, Codeweaver Crossover, Wine and others.

Revolutionary Hardware Design

Great care has been taken in hardware design to allow for modifications at the software level, increasing ranges, capabilities, and features using downloadable software updates, avoiding the need for physical hardware upgrades.

Unit & Accessories

The PFG2Z unit is shipped with PFG Lab software and documentation CD, switching power supply, color coded pin-probe electrode cable, 6-10ft electrode extension cable, and multi-use/disposable electrode pads with source for convenient reordering if needed. Special power adapters and custom cable assemblies are available upon request to better interface with your unique applications.

Environmentally Friendly

Pulsed Technologies is proud to comply with the the strict standards of the RoHS environmental impact initiative.