"We have had our whole family scanned with the ZYTO, and get amazing insights from Michael Payne each time. "

- Jill from Hawaii

What is Solamar?

pinealSolamar started with a scientifically-based method of treatment called Functional Medicine.  While much of Functional Medicine is still foundational to our treatments, one day we asked the question, “Can you fix an electromagnetic issue with bio chemistry?” The answer is no.

There is so much more than chemistry to the body electric. There is energy and physics information.  A thoughtful application of chemistry and physics principles, along with an understanding of genetic expression will be the basis of reinventing medicine in the new toxic world.   Some have called this process, Bio Energetic or Physiological Regulating Medicine.  READ MORE

What Treatments Do We use?

Here is just a small glimpse of the broad range of bio-energetic therapies, supplements and techniques we use in our clinic:

Physica Energetics
Imprinted Silver
Soluna BioRhythm therapy
Oil Pulling
Gentle Biofilm Therapy
Sequential Lymphatic Drainage
Liposomal Micromineral Rehydration
10-Day Gut Rejuvenation
AminoFlush (liver and gall bladder relief)
6-Step HPA Power-up
Neuro-Immune Reset

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